5 Day/ 7 night Cultural Immersion Retreat

Explore.  Experience.  Enjoy. 


Experience Life in a Modern Chinese City
Come Explore Chinese Culture in Shanghai, China -- a “Mega-City” where Traditional Chinese Arts and Customs Intersect with Modern Sensibilities and Western Ideas.

During this 5 day/ 7 night  All-inclusive (no wallet needed) cultural excursion you will participate in the traditional Chinese cultural arts - including Dough Figurine Making, Yixing Teapot Crafting, Tea Ceremonies, Chinese Calligraphy, and Chinese Dumpling making. Dive into the rich history behind these practices, often dating back thousands of years!

You will spend five days touring Shanghai, pampering yourself, attending lectures, eating home-made local cuisine, shopping, site-seeing, and experiencing all the city has to offer. 

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No Wallet Needed

  1. Accomodations
    We provide room and board in a local bed and breakfast.
  2. Meals
    We provide home made local cuisine for 2-4 meals a day.
  3. Local Transportation
    We provide local transportation to all local activities and events.
  4. Activities & Events
    We provide all entrance tickets and fees to activities and events.
  1. Flight
    Flight is not included
  2. Travel Insurance
    Must obtain own travel insurance.
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  1. 6
    Available Spots
  2. 3
    Immersion Guides
  3. 12
    Cultural Events
  4. 18
    Local Cuisine Meals
  5. 7
    Nights in Shanghai

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